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In this time where nothing is certain but God's love for us, we are glad you are here! 

We'll have some devotion ideas, reflections, activities and even recipes from time to time to help you dive into God's word a little deeper and have a little fun with it at the same time.   
January 23, 2022

Agnus Day, the Lectionary Comic Strip.  
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If you look at a beautifully painted picture, you see all the colors blending together gracefully to create the piece of art. Each color is important in the bigger picture—defining the image, although in various parts of the portrait one color may be more/less predominate.  Thus is God’s family—the body of Christ. Each and every person is important and contributes to the overall portrait of our life together, yet  in different times and places different talents and gifts are needed. Just as one color cannot create a colorful picture, one person is not able to do everything. That is why God brings us all together in this world to depend on one another, with Christ in the lead, in bringing God’s kingdom to earth now. 

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Highs, Lows, and Uh-Ohs....    

How was your day?  Take a few minutes and share with someone.  It can be someone in your home or you could call a friend or reach out to a relative.  Share what went right, what went wrong, and what just went a little weirder than expected.   (Then be sure you take the time to listen!  )   
from the Spark Story Bible p242

While Jesus was living in Galilee, his cousin, John the Baptist, was preaching out in the country of Judea.  The people loved John and came to see and hear him wheenver they could.   
Sometimes crowds of people came to see John by the Jordan River.  When the crowds came, John would tell them "Change what needs changing in your life! God's kingdom is here!"  The people would promise to change their lives, and then John would baptize them to show that they were a new person in God's eyes.  
"I baptie you on the outside with plain old water from the Jordan River, but this is nothing compared to what and who is coming!" John would exclaim.  "The one who is coming will baptize you with God's own Spirit!  With God's Spirit, you will be changed from the inside out!"
While John was saying this, Jesus appeared.  He asked John to baptize him.  But John wasn't so sure. 
"What? Me baptize YOU?  I think it should be the other way around?!"  John said.  
But Jesus insisted.  "Do it, John!  God does amazing things in baptism!" 
So John did what Jesus asked and baptized him.  All the way under the water in the Jordan River  Jesus went.  When he splashed up out of the river, Jesus saw the skies open up and he saw God's Spirit! It looked like a dove gracefully floating down to land on him.
There was a voice too.  The voice said "This is my Son!  He has been chosen and marked by my love!  He is the great joy of my life!"  
Cool How are you a great joy of God's life? 
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