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Welcome to Sunday School!  We sure do wish we could meet together, share our highs and lows and even our uh-ohs, but in the meantime, we're glad you're here.  We'll be making some changes and figuring out the technology along the way.  Please be patient!  

We know that God wants us to be in relationship with Him every day.  With this in mind, here you will find small ideas and activities you can engage with daily, so please check back in to refresh and connect.  

In this time where nothing is certain but God's love for us, we are glad you are here! 
February 28, 2021

Scripture Verse 

Mark 8:33 “But when Jesus turned and saw the disciples, he corrected Peter. He said to him, “Satan, get away from me! You are thinking like everyone else and not like God.”


The second covenant in this year's Lenten readings is the one made with Abraham and Sarah: God's promise to make them the ancestors of many, with whom God will remain in everlasting covenant. Paul says this promise comes to all who share Abraham's faith in the God who brings life into being where there was no life. We receive this baptismal promise of resurrection life in faith. Sarah and Abraham receive new names as a sign of the covenant, and we too get new identities in baptism, as we put on Christ.

This week's scripture links:  

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Agnus Day, the Lectionary Comic Strip.  
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Peter's Faith
from Spark Story Bible © 2009 Augsburg Fortress p 322
Jesus and the disciples were traveling to Caesarea.  As they were walking, Jesus asked, "Who do people think I am?"  "Hmmmm..." his friends thought.  "Some people think you are your cousin John or the prophet Elijah!"  
Jesus nodded.  "Who do you think I am?" Peter could hardly wait to answer.  "You're the one God sent to save the world!"
Peter was right!  Jesus began to talk about how he would die and come alive again.  Suddenly Peter became very angry.  "That's not how it's supposed to happen!" Peter argued.   Jesus knew better and said, "Stop thinking about your own plan.  This is God's plan!"
A crowd of people gathered around Jesus.  "If you want to follow me," Jesus said, "think about God's plan, not your own ideas. 

Cool  Find a partner.  Take turns telling one thing about Jesus until you run out of ideas. 
Highs, Lows, and Uh-Ohs....    

How was your day?  Take a few minutes and share with someone.  It can be someone in your home or you could call a friend or reach out to a relative.  Share what went right, what went wrong, and what just went a little weirder than expected.   (Then be sure you take the time to listen!  )   
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