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Pastor's Page

A message from
Pastor Curt~


Brothers and sisters in Christ headed into Fall;


At the start of a new school year my neighbor bellows across the street, “You have two sons in high school, and one in middle school? I can’t believe it! Boy we’re getting old!”

Each day we’re getting older. Each day we’re getting closer to the Coming Kingdom of God in all its glory. Fall marks the turning of another year as our days grow colder, slipping into the death of winter towards the new life ahead in the following year. Things have gradually changed: new challenges, new opportunities, some things and people that used to be there aren’t, and we experience this fall season in a new way. Many who face the challenges of aging can’t do what they used to be able to do. And people fumble with their value, wondering what their purpose is now that things have changed. Unfortunately, in our culture we are tempted to believe we are only as good as our last achievement. Our sense of being is attributed to what we do.

Consequently, we struggle with having value in just “being”. Yet the Lord created us, each a walking miracle, saying “Be still and know that I am God.”  You have value just because you belong to God, just like the birds that God feeds, and the flowers God clothes. To which Jesus replies in Matt 6:25-35 “God cares for them, just as they are. Aren’t you of more value than they?”  The Lord feeds birds and tends to flowers for His purpose. So why do we so easily forget God will also provide for us according to his purpose? A story from our early church history that has inspired me is the one of Charalambros.

He was born in the year of our Lord 89, when the Roman Empire was heavily persecuting the Christian Church. He was a bishop in Magnesia on the Maeander, Asia Minor and spread the Gospel in that region for many years.


However, when news of his preaching reached the authorities of Rome he was arrested and brought to trial, where he confessed his faith in Christ and refused to offer sacrifice to idols. Despite his advanced age, he was tortured mercilessly. They lacerated his body with iron hooks, and scraped all the skin off his body. Charalambros had only one thing to say to his tormentors: “Thank you, my brethren, for scraping off the old body and renewing my soul for new and eternal life.”  Upon witnessing his endurance of these tortures , two soldiers openly confessed their faith in Jesus Christ, for which they were immediately beheaded with a sword. Three women who were watching his sufferings also began to glorify Jesus, and were quickly martyred as well.

The story is reported that the Roman military leader, Lucius, was so enraged he seized the instruments of torture and began to torture our brother further, but suddenly his arms were cut off as if by a sword. The governor Lucian then spat in the face of Charalambros, and immediately Lucian’s head was turned around so that he faced backwards.

Apparently, Lucian and Lucius both prayed for mercy and were healed by the Holy Spirit through the intercessions of Charalambros on the spot, and they both became Christians.

He was then brought before the emperor, Septimius, where he endured still more torture, in the year 202 A.D. He was condemned to death and led to the place of execution, praying to commend his soul to God’s care.

The emperor’s daughter, Galliana, was so moved by his death that she was converted to faith in Christ, and buried Charalambros herself.

If you’re doing the math, he was 113 years old when his most profound witness to Christ occurred. He was simply being faithful to Jesus, enduring the sufferings and difficulties imposed on him, witnessed by those around him who came to faith in Christ. And who knows the impact of those believers on others that has rippled through time?

It reminds me that when we think we’re too old, falling apart, too young, inadequate, haven’t done enough, don’t know enough, that God shows up in our faithful response  in “being”  who we are,  where we are.

I witness such apathy and complacency in the church of our time. We are distracted by so many things that anesthetize our minds and abduct our hearts to ultimate trust in them, causing us to sacrifice to idols. I hear and see many excuses that suffocate our faithful response to Christ and bog us down in discouragement.

As mother Theresa said, “If we are discouraged, it is a sign of pride because it shows that we trust in our own power. Our self sufficiency, our selfishness and our intellectual pride  will inhibit Christ’s coming to live in our heart, because God cannot fill what is already full.”

“God doesn’t ask that we succeed in everything, but that we are faithful.”


May the Lord make us bold and courageous at any time in our life, to “Be” faithful to the gospel of

Christ Jesus, to the glory of God. 


Pastor Curt