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5:30 PM

(Every 5th Saturday is a Healing Worship Service)


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8:00 AM & 11:00 AM 


Sunday school:

9:30 AM - 10:45 AM


Holy Communion

at each worship service, 
except on the 5th Saturday Healing Worship

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Friday - Sunday

A Caring, Church sharing Jesus Christ with the World offering

Help, Hope and Home.

Pastor's Page

A message from
Pastor Curt~

Hallelujah! Christ is Risen!  He is Risen Indeed!


This is the mystery of our faith,

            “Christ has died. Christ is risen. Christ will come again.”


Our God is a God of relationship. Our God wants us to show us in Jesus Christ, that God will not abandon us, but rather God will do whatever it takes to restore our relationship to new life and wholeness. The resurrection shows us that our ultimate fears & enemies, including death, have been overcome by his power. If we believe that is true, it changes how we live today!


The resurrection keeps the question Jesus posses to Martha before us now;

I am the resurrection and the life. Those who believe in me, even though they die, will live, and everyone who lives and believes in me will never die. Do you believe this?  Do We Believe This?


God invites us again today to trust in his saving ongoing work, and live. And in our grateful response to what God has done, that we might be a light to those who still live as though the brokenness and death we see every day, is the final and dominant reality.


Our resurrected Lord is a God of relationship, that walks through the valleys and mountain tops with us. And Jesus calls us through the power of the Holy Spirit, to become a people who walk through the valleys and mountain tops with others, following the light of the resurrection ahead of us.


This has become increasingly difficult in a culture of individuality, instant gratification, complacency, and apathy. A time when we are easily overwhelmed by; information, busyness, an awareness of local, national, and global trauma, an increasing temptation to focus on self, and the lure of isolation.


Through our baptism God has called us into a community of belonging, where our identity is secure in Christ’s resurrection power. The Devil would tempt us to believe that isn’t true, and lure us back into the chaos, as if somehow it is all up to us. 


At a time when few want to commit to anything for very long, a longing for the benefit of established relationships with others has become a stealth hunger within us. We live in a Christian culture where it has become increasingly popular to segregate the ages. Youth meet with youth, elderly with elderly, parents with young children with parents with young children, children’s church is popular where families don’t even worship together, all for the sake of convenience.


But the more studies I have read over the years confirm that we desperately need the natural relational interaction of the various age groups.Teens need other adults, children need teenagers, Elderly draw energy from the children, and so on.


Most people of any age group searching for what Jesus has to offer are not ultimately reached through a style of worship, or a program, but rather the work of the Holy Spirit through genuine relationship, which becomes a place to discover that faith in Jesus is real in the other person. Much like, Cleopas discovered the risen Christ as they journeyed together to Emmaus

(Luke 24).  


At Pentecost we celebrate the gift of the Holy Spirit, given to us

in order that we would share God’s love and final future with the world around us. In our congregation we celebrate our confirmands matriculating into the mature responsibility of being sent into the world together with the gospel of Jesus Christ. These confirmands are immersed in relationship, with family, congregation, mentors, teachers. They have grown up in the motherhood of our congregation, and now will share in the nurture of those who Christ would birth to new life in this community.


We are here to make disciples. Walking with others, at various levels of our faith adventure, toward God’s Kingdom ahead. Oh, if we could intentionally engage in opportunities for sharing our faith with all generations, perhaps the walls that distance the ages would begin to disintegrate and lasting relationships of support, joy, and guidance could be strengthened.


As a family in Christ we need to become increasingly fluent in listening, scripture, worship, and prayer. Like any lasting, intimate, relationship it takes commitment, sacrifice even, to our resurrected Lord and each other. Realizing your personal response is necessary for the community, not just because of what you would get from it, but also because God may be using your presence to give to, and inspire, another. 


Christ Is Risen! Death is defeated! The Holy Spirit has been given to us to turn the world upside down with the love of God. May we commit ourselves to deepening our relationships to shine with the light of the resurrected Jesus.



                                                                      Grateful to be your Pastor


                                                                                                                              Pastor Curt