St. Timothy Lutheran Church


Worship services:

Saturday Worship:

5:30 PM

(Every 5th Saturday is a Healing Worship Service)


Sunday Worship: 

8:00 AM & 11:00 AM 


Sunday school:

9:30 AM - 10:45 AM


Holy Communion

at each worship service, 
except on the 5th Saturday Healing Worship

Office Hours

Monday - Thursday
9 AM - 3 PM

Friday - Sunday

A Caring, Church sharing Jesus Christ with the World offering

Help, Hope and Home.

Pastor's Page

A message from
Pastor Curt~

Inheritors of the future kingdom of Christ:

We are not a church community based on marketing, gimmicks, & programs, but rather on the Holy Spirit, and the word of God, as it unfolds in our daily committed relationships to God and one another. That’s not always easy, it is harder for a parent to stop and take the time to enter into their child’s dilemma and teach them which builds relationship, than it is to pacify them by shoving a screen in their hands, and avoiding the opportunity for growth.

Sometimes it’s easier to write a check to meet someone’s need, than it is to get off our donkey, roll up our sleeves and engage them in relationship not certain how much it will require of us, or where it will take us.

Our vision for ministry at St. Timothy, has been shaped by the theology of the cross.

That is, as Christ showed us, laying down our lives for the people in our everyday life, and willingly entering into their suffering.  We experience the heart of Christ in the good Samaritan who stopped his life got off his donkey, and shared his resources for whatever was needed to help the one left for dead to receive health and wholeness, and Jesus told us to go and do likewise. We think of Phillip, who stopped his life to join the Eunuch, listen to his questions and explain the gospel of Jesus Christ as a tool for the Holy Spirit, which led to baptism and the Ethiopian Orthodox church still in existence today.

We are a people of “Accompaniment”, called to be a light to the nations.

That means to “walk with”, listen, and share the journey together as the truth of the scriptures unfold in our hearts and minds, as it did for Jesus and the disciples on the road to Emmaus.

In the extension of hospitality and welcome, the sharing and breaking of bread together, Christ was made known to them. This is done in regular worship and fellowship, and also in our daily living, and acts of service.

One of the great expressions God has provided of this in our midst as a community is “Sarah’s Tent”. A place where the hurting, who may feel uncomfortable in more formal settings of the church, have a chance to touch the garment of Christ. A place where we don’t just ladle out food from a distance to ease our conscience and meet a need, but a setting where we can be mutually engaged in relationship and through the extension of hospitality and welcome, the sharing and breaking of bread together, Christ is made known.

A place where a quality meal that you would serve to your mother is prepared and received in love, and the joy of music fills the room.

Perhaps even more than food given for the day, a great gift of this ministry is the hope that is received through listening, service, presence, & love. From this ministry many have renewed, or come to, faith in Christ. Some have been baptized.

But, we need your prayers, and I appeal to you, for the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few and getting burnt out, or aging. Many of our faithful workers, have had changes in life that have left a hole in our human resources for this ministry opportunity.

Unless things change now, we are facing cutting our evening meal, which serves some of our low income young families not served at lunchtime. I haven’t met anyone who wants this, but the needs are not getting met. The need is for committed servant volunteers.

Our number of faithful cooks is limited and depleting.

Our servants who prepare food and the dining hall, and those who serve the people are becoming scarce. Those who stay and clean up are declining.

Food is picked up Monday from the Shepherd Center, and Wednesday from Sam’s club, and the vegetable stand, for what is needed to complete the meal. And Friday we have a need for Pastries to be picked up from Panera at 9pm, for Sunday morning hospitality, which is later prepared by volunteers early Sunday morning, and cleaned up after grace café.

But this too, seems as though it will change, unless the Lord provides joyful servants.

This is an urgent matter that requires our prayers, and discernment.

Working together I am confident God will provide a direction for this ministry.

If God wants these ministries to continue, then they will.

In the meantime, we will be faithful to Christ Jesus, and each other.


In the abiding hope of the open tomb, that we share.                                                                                                       

                    Pastor Curt