St. Timothy Lutheran Church

We offer both in-person and online services

as follows:


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Saturday Worship:

5:00 pm

Sunday Worship: 

8:30 am 
11:00 am


Sunday school:

  10:00 am

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Monday 9 AM- 3 PM
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Tuesday - Thursday
9 AM - 3 PM

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A Caring, Church sharing Jesus Christ with the World offering

Help, Hope and Home.

Pastor's Page

The following is a message from Bishop Eaton that I found helpful and wanted to share.

Gods Peace

Pastor Curt~

To those who have come through the great ordeal….

Christ is Risen!  Indeed!

The hurricane is coming to a close. Shafts of sunlight periodically poke through, but abrupt gusts of wind still tear off dangling branches, and spritzes of heavy rain dot the landscape, while hope arises that we will emerge from the storm, assess the damage, and move on into life.


On May 14, our Mission team prayerfully deliberated, and determined that we will return to in person worship June 5th.  Of course, it will be a learning process that will require flexibility, but what a joy to announce this news. We will continue in safety with masks and distance required to worship.   Singing will be limited.    More specific details are being formulated and will be communicated to all by mid-May.   


Sunday school, and larger fellowship events will still be on hold.

Online bible studies and resources will continue to be online.

We will most likely return to three worship opportunities: 

- Saturday service will also serve as our “online livestream worship” with musicians partitioned off for safety; therefore, attendance will be more limited.

- Sunday worship services will initially resume at 9 and 11am.

- No Sunday School or Grace Cafe will be offered through the summer months


All services will offer Holy Communion.  

It will be distributed on the way out, as we experienced on Maundy Thursday, and the first Sunday of Easter.


We will open the doors just before worship begins and we will not be taking reservations.  We will determine later if there is a need to set a capacity limit.


Things have shifted in the storm, and the family will join together in wonder as we venture into the change, confident God has been at work. Some things that used to be, won’t be. Other things will be new that we will have to adjust too. We will need to work together to clear away debris, work with the guidance of the Holy Spirit to restore our mission after the storm. But mostly we will give thanks for the gift of life, salvation, and the forgiveness of sins, Jesus Christ has given us, and that we get to share it together in this time and place.


Jesus told us there would be hard times, but not to be afraid for Jesus has overcome the world & has promised to be with us always to the end of the age.

                                                     In the abiding hope of the open tomb…  



    Pastor Curt