St. Timothy Lutheran Church


Worship services:

Saturday Worship:

5:30 PM

(Every 5th Saturday is a Healing Worship Service)


Sunday Worship: 

8:00 AM & 11:00 AM 


Sunday school:

9:30 AM - 10:45 AM


Holy Communion

at each worship service, 
except on the 5th Saturday Healing Worship

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Monday - Thursday
9 AM - 3 PM

Friday - Sunday

A Caring, Church sharing Jesus Christ with the World offering

Help, Hope and Home.

Pastor's Page

A message from
Pastor Curt~

May the force be with you!  “And also with you!”

I remember watching the Star Wars movies as they came out. It started with the forth movie in the series, “A new hope”. Then 5, and the last one in the series number 6, “the return of the Jedi.” It ended with that which was good in the force reunited, redeemed, and victorious.

Years later it was announced the first movie in the series was in the making. What!? Who would watch these movies we already knew the ending. But watch we did, even though we already knew this little, bold, inventive, boy named Anakin was going to be a dark lord whose deathly face would be uncovered and gasping for air as he gazed at his son, not long before his ghostly smile would be restored to goodness in the celebration at the end, in ewok village. As I watched episodes 1,2, and 3, unfold I discovered new characters, but engaged in the story differently than my sons, (who started with episode one), did because I knew where it was headed. None the less it was a great story to watch together.


We gather together as church to live in the greatest story ever told. Not a fictional tale that entertains us, but The Truth! A living story that we participate in that saves us, bringing life, and light! “A True hope!”  We call it “liturgy”, (the work of the people), as the Holy Spirit breathes Truth in us connected around God’s word, and commanded sacraments.


In November, we will proclaim and sing of Christ’s second coming ahead of us, “the return of the Adonai”, the final outcome when Christ will rule all things as King of kings, Lord of lords!

A picture of God’s Kingdom restored, redeemed, victorious!

You see, we join with those who have gone before us all the way back to our spiritual elders, the apostles, and all those who will come after us, to share and live in this Truth God has promised us in Jesus Christ. Those first followers lived in faith, trusting Jesus Word, though at times they may have doubted. But at this point in the story, they have seen and known the final outcome in encountering the Resurrected Jesus. They may not know exactly how the next chapter of their life will go, but it effects how they participate in it. They are less likely to live in fear of death or be manipulated by the false leads. They have been promised by the living God that life overcomes death, and light overcomes darkness, and this fuels the way they will live on earth, loving through suffering, and laying down their lives even unto death.


In December we will start all over again, at episode one. We will proclaim in a dark world the longing, the hope, and all those who pointed to the coming of the Messiah, “God’s anointed savior.” We will await the baby who will enter into our human adventure, and grow up to save the world. We know the story but we keep changing and growing into The Truth of God’s promise. And we do it together. Some among us may be hearing it for the first time this year, while others will be gaining a deeper understanding hearing it again. Jesus has said, the first will be last, and the last will be first. What!? From Supreme Ruler to He’s not even born yet, seems backwards but, God’s ways are not our ways, and God’s Truth gives us vision and purpose for living that nothing else can.

We find ourselves in a time of year that is moving from light to greater darkness.

A small toddler may have no clue that the long days of summer will ever return, but we know

the light will increase again in the new year.

Watching Star Wars with my children, I saw things I hadn’t noticed before, and I got to share it with them and gain new insights through their eyes.The story was bigger than just me, but I participated in it differently knowing the final outcome. No, That character isn’t going to die, although it seems like it. No, the light will overcome darkness, though that was questionable as it unfolded. And perhaps my children could have used a “spoiler alert,” as some things slipped out of me, that were yet to come. Still they had difficulty trusting that I was telling the truth at some points in the story.


And so it is with us, living in The Truth that God has revealed to us in Jesus Christ, we trust when we do not understand, we share with those who have not heard, we discover new insights as we grow in it’s retelling.

We already know that the Word of God became flesh and dwelt among us full of truth and grace. May we come to discover this season that Holy Spirit of God becomes “incarnate”, (comes to life in our flesh), when we are gathered together in church community.

There is no gift on earth like it.


                                   “May the Lord be With You…”


                                                                                                   Pastor Curt