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at each worship service, 
except on the 5th Saturday Healing Worship

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A Caring, Church sharing Jesus Christ with the World offering

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Pastor's Page

A message from
Pastor Curt~


God’s children called to ministry;


Our communal 40 day observance of Lent parallels Jesus being led by the Spirit in the wilderness for 40 days. There Satan tempted him, to claim power, be sensational,

take matters into his own hands and trust and worship something other than God.


As Lent (or Springtime) approaches, we are given an opportunity for soul-searching in the wilderness of our hearts, as we move to the promised land of our Easter celebration.

We consider how we might deny and open ourselves to drawing closer to God.

Refraining from the things that would serve my self, and turning to things that would serve God. Practices that would be absorbed into my life and transform it, with the help of the Holy Spirit.

  • What might we Fast or refrain from that may be an obstacle in our relationship with God?
  • What might we Give, to God or those in need, as an act of faith in and dependence on God, thus diminishing my temptation to trust in the things in our lives?
  • How might we trust more regularly on God through increased Prayer , diminishing our temptation to trust in our own understanding?


Hopefully, our prayerful focus on God’s word will lead us to the fast that God seeks, which calls for generosity and treating other people with respect day in and day out.

As the prophet Isaiah reminds us, the fast God requires is more than a ritual observance, but is instead the act of denying ourselves to serve others as God has for us.

Working to release others from injustice and oppression.

Sharing with those who have not.

Bringing the homeless into one’s house (or fellowship hall).

To give clothing and shelter to the naked.

To reconcile with one’s family.

To help the afflicted.


We might consider fasting from;

Getting my way.     Blaming others.    Evil speech. 

Serving myself.       Entitlement.          Ingratitude.


We want our relationship with others to reflect our relationship with God,

for both are to come from our heart.


If our efforts and offerings are centered around “me”, our life in the church can easily become a job. If our efforts and offerings are centered around Jesus, our life as a Church becomes ministry.   This is Christ’s ministry. So pray and respond from your heart.

Some of us may be tempted to say, “I’ve got to keep doing this ministry around the Church; it’s my job.” A word of advice …. Don’t confuse ministry with a job.

Someone shared this devotional thought with me. Spiritually ponder … “Is it a Ministry or a Job?”


Some people have a job, position or duty in the Church.

Others understand themselves as invited & called into a ministry.

 What is the difference you ask?


If you’re doing it just because no one else will, it’s a job.

If you are doing it to serve the Lord, it’s a ministry.


If you quit because someone criticized you, it’s a job.

If you keep on serving, it’s a ministry.


If you’ll do it as long as it does not interfere with your other activities, it’s a job.

If you are committed to staying, even if it means letting go of other things, it’s a ministry.


If you quit because no one thanked you or praised you, it’s a job.

If you stick with it even though no one recognized your efforts, it’s a ministry.


It may be hard to get excited about a job.

It’s almost impossible not to get excited about a ministry.


If your concern is success, it’s a job.

If your concern is faithfulness and service, it’s a ministry.


If God calls you to a ministry, please don’t treat it like a job.


Lord, Strengthen your servants and move us to a sense of ministry and service, through your grace and mercy. Amen.


                                                      May God’s peace guide our Lenten journey



                                                                                                                        Pastor Curt