PreK-5th Grade
Sunday School
PreK-5th Grade Sunday School 


Scripture Verse 17And Jesus said to them, "Follow me and I will make you fish for

people."  18And immediately they left their nets and followed him.  Mark 1:17-18;

  • Reread this verse a few times.  
  • Can you say it on your own?
  • The disciples followed Jesus. They went to learn from and serve with him. What does it look like when we follow Jesus? What do we do when we follow Jesus?
  • What do you think it means to fish for people? How can we teach others about Jesus?
  • Can you do this without using words?

Read the entire scripture passage Mark 1:14-20 

  • What were Andrew and Simon doing in the story?
  • What did Jesus tell them to do?
  • Who were the others that followed Jesus?
  • This was a hard thing to do. They had to leave everything they had to follow Jesus. They went on to be Jesus’ disciples (learners) and then went to share the story of Jesus with others. 
  • Would it be hard for you to follow like they did and leave everything behind? Why?
  • God opened the disciples’ hearts to who Jesus is. Still, even as we know Jesus is our Savior, it is hard to follow.
  • What do you think “fish for people” means? How can we do this today? Are there  ways to do this without initially saying a word? How? 
Follow this link for a fun game and craft activity for today's scripture.

Watch Jonah singing "It Cannot Be" in this short clip from VeggieTales movie Jonah.   He is sure God must have made a mistake, sending him to an awful place like Nineveh!  

Old Testament Scripture: Jonah 3:1-5;10 CEV 

  • Read the scripture verses.
  • When we read this particular story, it sounds like Jonah was like the disciples: God spoke and right away he followed. For the most part,  that is true, God spoke and Jonah did do as God asked, but there is a lot more to this story. In chapters 1 and 2 of Jonah, it tells how God asked Jonah to go tell the people of Nineveh to turn back to God, and Jonah  didnn’t listen to God. He ran the other way and was swallowed by a fish only to be spit out 3 days later. Then he obeyed and did what God asked. 
  • Do you ever try to run away from things you are supposed to do, and then eventually listen and do as you are told? Why did you change your mind?
  • What we don’t see is Jonah’s reason for running away. He was not afraid, he refused to do what God wanted him to because he didn’t like the people of Nineveh! He wanted God to punish them—not help them! Jonah questioned God and wanted God to do what he wanted. Eventually, after his “time out” in the fish, Jonah followed. What do you think about this? Would you have done what Jonah did?   
  • What are some ways you might be like Jonah feeling the way he did? [i.e. Wanting to do our own thing instead of what God wants, wanting God to “punish” those who hurt us (and not forgive). God was patient and merciful with Jonah and he is with us too!
Here is a video with some fun craft ideas to help us be fishers of men!

You won't need a lot of supplies!
#1: construction paper, scissors, glue and if you'd like, a package of goldfish crackers
#2: Construction paper, paper plate, scissors and glue\
#3: an egg carton, some popsicle sticks or some wooden doll figures  or anything, really - you can be creative!  

Reflection in Our Own Lives:

  • Looking back on the two stories read this week, how are they alike? (Both Jonah and the disciples were obedient; the world was changed because they all responded to the call!)
  • How were the two stories different? [Disciples responded without hesitation (immediately) but Jonah tried to control the situation first and then responded; the disciples responded without question, Jonah responded, but was not happy about it.]
  • What do these two stories teach us about listening to God?
  • Jonah’s story teaches us about loving all and God’s mercy for all people, not just those we feel deserve it.] This story points to Jesus’ command to “love  your neighbor” even when they do not love us. Is this sometimes difficult? Thoughts?
  • In reality, we too need to drop our nets and follow Jesus, trusting that God loves us and will take care of us. As Jonah shows us, this is not always easy. God loves us and wants us to be obedient, so we can share in life with him!