PreK-5th Grade
Sunday School
Abraham and Sarah's Visitors
from Spark Story Bible p 34-37
When Abram was 99 years old, he and his wife, Sarai, were still waitig for God's promise of a huge family to come true.  Abram was getting frustrated.  He asked God, "What are you waiting for?"  
God spoke to Abram, "I will keep my promise, and I will change your names.  Instead of Abram, your name will be Abraham.  Instead of Sarai, your wife will be Sarah." 
Abraham was afraid of what God said.  He thought he was too old to become the father of so many people and his wife was too old to have children.  He fell on his face and peeked up with one eye.  "Could God really make such a thing happen?"  
Later, as Abraham was sitting by the tent, he saw three strangers walking towards him.  Abraham squinted into the sun and wondered who would be visiting him on such a hot day.  
"Hi!" Abraham said when they arrived.  You must be tired from traveling.  Would you like to sit down to rest and have some food?" 
Quickly, Abraham asked Sarah to make some bread.  He ordered his servant to prepare some meat.  Sarah stood hiding in the tent., listening to the visitors.  
Who were they?  Why had they come to her house?  And...why were they talking about her?  She leaned in a little closer...
"Your wife, Sarah, will have a son," the visitors said to Abraham.  Sarah started to laugh.  Didn't they know she was too old to have a child?  The visitors looked up.  "Why is Sarah laughing?"  they asked.  "Doesn't she believe God's promise will happen?"  
God's promise to Abraham did happen!  Sarah had a baby boy and named him Isaac, which means "laughter." Abraham and Sarah's family grew and grew ad grew and God blessed each generation with laughter and happiness.
Cool  Make a promise to a friend or family member.  Be sure to keep it.  
PreK-5th Grade Sunday School 

Scripture Verse: Mark  8:33 “But when Jesus turned and saw the disciples, he corrected Peter. He said to him, “Satan, get away from me! You are thinking like everyone else and not like God.”

  • Read this verse a few times.  What do you think this means in your own words?
  • What does it mean to “think like everyone else and not like God” Does this please God? Why or why not?
  • Peter was very close to Jesus, and yet he still didn’t always do or say the right thing. Jesus loved him no matter what!  He also corrected Peter and the disciples so they could learn and be more like Him. What did Peter do wrong? [He was thinking about what he/people thought was right not what God wanted.]
  • It is easy to want to get our own way rather than focus on what God wants.  Jesus reminded His disciples of this.  How can we learn what God wants for us? What can we do to find out what God’s will is for us? [pray, read the Bible, listen to our parents or people who follow God like Pastor Curt or your Sunday school teachers]
  • Draw a picture of all the ways you can stay focused on what God wants for you.    

This week we have 2 more  stories that show how God keeps His promises with those He loves  like us! They also teach us about how important it is to trust God—even when we don’t understand what He is doing.  Our first story is the  story of Abraham & Sarah—they trust God and amazing things happened. 


Read Genesis 17:1-16  from the Spark Story Bible, above

  • How old was Abram? [99]  Who was his wife? [Sarai]
  • What were they waiting for? [For God to give them children]
  • How was Abram feeling? [Frustrated, impatient]  How did he let God know he was frustrated? [He asked God how long he would have to wait] Abram came to God with his problems and concerns.  God wants us to do that too!
  • What did God do next? [He changed Abram’s name to Abraham and Sarai’s name to Sarah]
  • How was Abraham feeling after God changed his name? [He was worried  he would never have children. He was doubting.]
  • What did God do? [He sent visitors to Abraham to give him a message]
  • How did Abraham and Sarah treat the visitors? [They welcomed the strangers and offered them food.]
  • What did the strangers tell Abraham [That Sarah would have a child]
  • What did Sarah do? [She laughed because she couldn’t believe it!]
  • Did God’s promise happen? [yes; She had a child]
  • What was the child’s name and what does it mean? [Isaac, which means laughter]
  • Did God keep his promise to Abraham and Sarah? [Yes]
  • God always keeps his promises, and he always hears our prayers.  God answers prayers on His time, not ours. He also sometimes answers ‘no’ when His way is better than our way.
  • Even though Abraham and Sarah got impatient and frustrated, they still trusted God to keep his promise, and God did!
  •  In our next story, God’s way is better than Peter’s way, but Peter doesn’t understand!
Here's a simple craft idea!  You'll need:  black construction paper, yellow construction paper (or precut stars), glue, and crayon or markers
Cut out one large yellow star, and write on it "God keeps his promises to me" (or you can fill in your name).  Glue that in the center of the paper.  Now cut out as many smaller stars as you can, of all shapes and sizes.   Glue them all around the paper.   Let this remind you of all of the promises and blessings that God has given you as his beloved child!  

In our second story, we learn how God keeps His promises again through Jesus!  In this story, however, Peter doesn’t trust. He thinks his way is better than God’s plan. Jesus teaches him that God’s way is the best way, even when we don’t understand.


Read Mark 8:31-38 in the Spark Story Bible.  You can find it here

    • What were Jesus and his disciples doing? [Walking to Caesarea]
    • What was the question that Jesus asked? [Who do people think I am?]
    • What did the disciples say? [Some say John the Baptist or some say the prophet Elijah]
    • What is the next question Jesus asks? [Who do you say I am?]
    • What did Peter say? Was he right? [You are the one God sent to save the world! Yes!]
    • What did Jesus talk about next? [how he would die and come alive again]
    • What was Peter’s response? Why? [He argued with Jesus and disagreed with Jesus! He loved Jesus and didn’t like what He said]
    • How did Jesus feel about that?  [He was not happy with Peter because Peter was going against God’s plan]
    • What did Jesus say?  [Think about our scripture verse—“Stop thinking about your own plan. This is God’s plan!”]
    • What did Jesus tell the people who gathered there? [If you want to follow Jesus you have to think about God’s plan and not your own ideas.]
    • It is hard to think about God’s plan and not get our own way!  Sometimes we don’t understand God’s plans, and we get upset like Peter, but God’s plan is always right—even when we don’t like it!  God doesn’t promise us that life will always be easy, but He does promise us that God will always be with us!
    • Is it always easy to follow Jesus? Peter loved Jesus, but He didn’t trust. He thought Jesus was wrong and Peter was right.  He learned that God’s way is always best. Sometimes we don’t see Jesus at work—but He is!
When Tears Fall
A Prayer from Psalm 22
from Spark Story Bible Psalm Book

God, why aren't you with me?
I look for you everywhere and don't see you nearby.
All day my tears fall; I can't hear your voice.
The night is quiet, and I cannot sleep.
But even in quiet and even in night, you are bigger than sadness or fear!
My Lord, my friend, you won't leave my side
I'm strong when you're hear - all day and all night.

How does it make you feel to think of God as your friend? 
What kind of things do you tell your friends?  Do you share those things with God? 
Draw a picture of you, sharing your day with God by your side.  
Here is a link to a video with some fun and simple craft ideas.   They relate to our gospel lesson today, even though she directly references a different scripture lesson.   Have fun! 

You won't need complicated materials.   
1. Scratch off cross:  
card stock or construction paper
toothpicks or a pencil for scratching

2,  Medals
card stock, or paper plates, or construction paper, or cardboard
markers or crayons

3.  crown
paper, or premade paper crown
markers, glitter, glue, doodads and jewels

Reflection in Our Own Lives

We all need to learn to trust Jesus/God and listen to Jesus/God better. 

  • We need to trust God’s way like Abraham and Sarah did, not try to do things our own way like Peter in this story. 
  • Can you think of ways we can trust Jesus and follow what He wants us to do
  • Create a mural with the words “I am trusting and listening to Jesus” in the middle. Fill the mural with pictures that show people trusting and listening to Jesus. Label the pictures with what each one is showing.